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КрасотаХештег дня: #Freethepimple — акне-позитивное движение в инстаграме

Хештег дня: #Freethepimple — акне-позитивное движение в инстаграме — Красота на Wonderzine

Вдохновение и призывы полюбить свою кожу такой, какая она есть

Каждый день в интернете что-то происходит: кто-то выпускает клипы, кто-то запускает хештеги, а кто-то говорит умные (или не очень) вещи — а мы акцентируем внимание на самом важном или просто любопытном.

Акне-позитивное движение, о котором мы уже рассказывали, в этом году оказалось в центре внимания интернета — и вот уже известные издания и порталы посвящают материалы не тому, как избавиться от прыщей, а тому, как полюбить своё лицо с ними. В инстаграме фотографии реальной кожи и откровенные рассказы о сложностях принятия себя люди помечают хештегом #FreethePimple, который появился летом.

Его придумала Луиза Норткот, финалистка «Britain’s Next Top Model» — девушка, работающая в модной индустрии, считает, что об акне надо говорить чаще и больше. Её инициативу поддерживают пользователи инстаграма по всему миру, и если вам также захочется поделиться своей историей или фото, уверенно подписывайте пост этим хештегом.

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The acne scars are on point these days👌🏻 I have really struggled with fading them it seems like nothing is really working. My skin is at a point where it’s pretty clear but it still looks like I have acne thanks😅 : : I‘m still learning to be comfortable in public without make up on. I still want to hide and I catch myself covering my cheeks with my hands so it’s still a process. : : I‘m sure you know how it feels to think everyone is staring at you but I don’t want my fear of being judged or someone asking about my skin to stop me from not wearing makeup. I want to be comfortable enough to leave the house and just not give a shit 👌🏻 : : Do you feel comfortable leaving the house without some sort of coverage?? ____________________________________________ #acnecommunity #acnescarring #iamenough #acnesupport #freethepimple #postacne #selfloveiskey #selflovespo #skinpositivity #embraceyourflaws #empoweringwomennow #naturallyme #loveyourself #supportandlove #effyourbeautystandards

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@woebot asked if I’d contribute to the #IAmHuman project encouraging conversations around mental health, so here’s what I’ve got; When I hear the term 'mental health' I think of all the bad stuff. I recall the not so distant days full of anxiety and despair- weeks where I couldn’t foresee healing, late night battles with my reflection and self-worth. I think about the lunch breaks I spent crying in toilet stalls because one too many customers had asked about my face. I’m not sure I could ever truly tell you how it felt to be immobilised in a waiting room chair after a doc told me they’d never seen acne this severe and don’t know what else they can do. (Thanks babes, my panic attacks really needed more ammo that day.) I don’t know enough words to describe the level of anxiety that came from witnessing my skin rapidly deteriorate, nor to be able to describe the loss of self esteem from suddenly having to live with severe acne. I’m still having to navigate the daily stares and second takes, and, far too often, the invasive questions about my face. It’s difficult to not feel estranged. It’s hard when I meet new people and come away from it knowing I only exist to them the way I look now. It’s hard when I’ve spent a day feeling like a spectacle and end it never wanting to be seen again. And it’s hard sometimes when I let my mind worry about the very real possibility of permanent scarring. Many people tell me how strong I am and it’s baffling simply because I have all these lived experiences of feeling not at all strong. And going by that skewed logic, you would need to never feel shaken by anything in order to be strong. But then, how could you possibly be strong if you never feel anything which needs strength to see you through? Being ok isn’t about never feeling anything bad and feeling not so great things would be impossible in the absence of strength. Guess that means we’re all pretty strong. . [Pictured is a note I carried around in my pocket for near two months and referred to more than daily whenever anxiety and panic hit. I haven’t felt the need for it in a while now. Celebrate all victories and focus on how far you’ve come over how far you’ve yet to go.]

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Helloo!! 👋 it’s my time of the month and I have no huge cysts! Whaaat is happening?! My skin is by no means perfect, I have white heads and little blackheads, massive pores as always... but it’s nice to look in the mirror and actually see ME, I’m noticing my features and not being depressed about my skin, and that’s nice! 👍 But OMG my periods are soooo painful 😭 I don’t know why all of a sudden I feel terrible at my time of the month, I’m so tired! In other news my gluten free diet is not going terribly well, I was so good for the first few days and then last night ate half a pizza 🍕🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t feel that great afterwards though, so I feel like I will gradually get better at resisting! As I’ve only not had bread for a week and already am really put off by it! #glutenfree #acnejourney #acnehealing # arefaced #freethepimple #acne #acneskin #glutenintolerant #acnejourney #acnediary #acnescars #acneblog #skinblog

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