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СтильНа кого подписаться: Инстаграм-богиня
Роско Рамон

На кого подписаться: Инстаграм-богиня
Роско Рамон — Стиль на Wonderzine

Квир- и бодипозитивная активистка

ПРОДОЛЖАЕМ РАССКАЗЫВАТЬ о достойных аккаунтах в соцсетях, через которые можно рассматривать целый мир.

«Любить себя — это выбор, который я совершаю каждый день», — говорит уроженка Осло Роско Рамон, много лет прожившая в Нью-Йорке и Лос-Анджелесе. В инстаграме активистки почти только её собственные фотографии, которые излучают уверенность Рамон в себе и своём теле. Vice, недавно сделавший о девушке материал, сравнил её инстаграм с «бодипозитивным фильмом Софии Копполы», и неспроста: засушенные цветы, зеркала с золотыми рамами, cмятая постель — видно, как для Роско важна визуальность. В своих немногочисленных интервью девушка рассказывает, что идентифицирует себя как квира и борется за права ЛГБТ.

declaring my love is the most fun i can have with my clothes on

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me: *is sad and stunning*

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this year tried to kill me, but i’m still the queen of rose petal nookie.

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finally realized that “the future is female” is a slogan created by terfs and there are plenty of ways to honor the boundless capacity of women’s greatness without further alienating our trans and nonbinary sisters. i’m not responsible for any of my posts that are older than one month. i exfoliate enough that all my cells have rejuvenated by then so i dont even count as the same person. i don't owe anyone any explanations, ever.. but i enjoy growing and improving as a person and sharing my epiphanies. if you think you are right all the time then you are wrong a lot. EDIT: damn, sometimes i DO owe my sisters a better explanation and apology. grateful to the queers who spare emotional labor to ask me to do better.

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that feel when you've just had a @glonorway facial and you feel like the juiciest bitch🤗 their specialists convinced me to stop using makeup with talc because it's just a shitty filler and i keep breaking out in the area where i contour with Anastasia Beverly Hills (despite washing my brushes frequently), so today i'm wearing their contour palette and mineral foundation and i really hope this was the missing piece to achieving clear skin. becoming more superficial has actually decreased my anxiety. like, i've always wanted to be the kind of woman with a skincare routine. someone who walks around their apartment wearing nothing but a sheet mask. i've even gone so far as to put a sheet mask on my crotch, don't judge me until you've tried it.

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