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Инстаграм легендарного фотоагентства Magnum

Знаменитые фотографии в вашей ленте

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Инстаграм легендарного фотоагентства Magnum — Жизнь на Wonderzine

ПРОДОЛЖАЕМ РАССКАЗЫВАТЬ о достойных аккаунтах в соцсетях, через которые можно рассматривать целый мир.

Кооператив The Magnum Photos основали Анри Картье-Брессон, Роберт Капа, Джордж Роджер и Дэвид Сеймур в 1947 году. Спустя 70 лет существования на счету членов Magnum множество известных фотографий, на которых запечатлены самые разные страны, важные исторические события и знаменитые люди. «Словом, если вы представляете себе известный снимок, но не можете вспомнить, кто его снял и где его можно увидеть, он скорее всего принадлежит Magnum», — говорится на сайте агентства.

В инстаграм @magnumphotos регулярно выкладывают снимки, сделанные фотографами-членами агентства в самых разных частях света — Франции, Турции, Норвегии, Судане, Великобритании и не только — а также истории их создания и мнения авторов по поводу собственных работ. Часть из них можно купить в качестве принтов — в соцсети Magnum регулярно сообщают, когда какой-то из постеров можно купить со скидкой.

Jonas Bendiksen reflects on his Square Print Sale submission. Get it now from Link in bio. “I took this picture in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut, a small village in Northern Canada. At the time, in 2004, I was on a photography assignment for a German magazine. While the location itself was magnificent, a surreal piece of urbanity dropped into vast white wilderness, the story the magazine was running was quite dark. Along with a journalist, I had been sent to try to understand the community’s many social issues. Different generations were struggling to understand one another, as the emergence of the Internet, TV, substance abuse and general feelings of isolation challenged traditional practices such as hunting and fishing. During the two weeks I was there, I struggled with my role as a complete outsider, as I had been sent to observe what felt like very private matters. At the same time, I was enamored as I watched the rituals of daily life unfold amidst all the stark and awesome beauty around us.” PHOTO: Qikiqtarjuaq, Canada. 2004. © @jonasbendiksen/#MagnumPhotos #MAGNUMSQUARE #Canada

Фото опубликовано Magnum Photos (@magnumphotos)

ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL TOMORROW get Christopher Anderson's square print for $100. Link in bio. “I was assigned to photograph the artist Chuck Close for The New York Times Magazine. There have been so many images of Chuck made over the years. There are also, of course, Chuck’s paintings of himself, and many of the photographs made of him tend to reference these paintings. I knew that I wanted to make a photograph that didn’t mimic Chuck’s work. I wanted to feel his presence in the image. I wanted to sense the passage of time on his face and his isolation, without actually seeing the wheelchair. Intimacy and empathy go hand in hand.” © @christopherandersonphoto/#MagnumPhotos #MAGNUMSQUARE #ChuckClose #ChristopherAnderson

Фото опубликовано Magnum Photos (@magnumphotos)

AVAILABLE NOW: Inge Morath photographs the iconic Marilyn Monroe in the 60s. Buy the print from until Friday! Link in bio. “In an interview with director Gail Levin for her documentary, Making ‘The Misfits’ (2002), Morath recalled the difficulty of photographing actors such as Monroe, who ‘knew all the tricks about how to pose.’ The photographer’s task was to capture how they worked, the element of surprise that they delivered to a scene, without getting in the way. What she wanted, Morath told Levin, was to photograph ‘the unposed person,’ so she watched and waited for the actor to expose his or her vulnerability.” – John P. Jacob, Inge Morath: On Style, Abrams, 2016 PHOTO: Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits. Reno, Nevada. 1960 © #IngeMorath © #TheIngeMorathFoundation/#MagnumPhotos #MAGNUMSQUARE #MarilynMonroe #TheMisfits #ArthurMiller #Reno #Nevada

Фото опубликовано Magnum Photos (@magnumphotos)

The Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya was initially intended as a temporary shelter for Sudanese refugees, but has become a long-term home to thousands, mostly fleeing the civil war in South Sudan. Five of these Sudanese residents are currently competing in the Olympics in a 10-strong refugee team, which also includes refugee athletes from Syria via Germany and Belgium, The Congo via Brazil, and Ethiopia via Luxembourg. @newshatavakolian's photos from her visit to the camp tell a story of hope. Explore the feature on Link in bio. PHOTO: Mary is the aunt of the refugee athlete Anjelina Nadai, who competed in the women's 1500 meters at the Rio Olympics. Here she sits in the courtyard of her house inside the Kakuma Camp. The 28-year-old mother of four has been taking care of both Anjelina and her brother after they fled from South Sudan. She says, “in 2002 when Anjelina fled the war to travel to Nairobi alone, she found a woman who was willing to take care of her, but after sometime she run out of money and Anjelina had to come here to the Kakuma refugee camp to stay with me. I am very proud of Anjelina and I hope she will succeed and come back to change and to help her country, South Sudan.” © @newshatavakolian/#MagnumPhotos #Olympics2016 #Rio2016 #Rio #RiodeJaneiro

Фото опубликовано Magnum Photos (@magnumphotos)


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