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ЖизньНа кого подписаться: Нью-йоркцы и книги, которые они читают в метро

Анонимные рецензии

На кого подписаться: Нью-йоркцы и книги, которые они читают в метро — Жизнь на Wonderzine

ПРОДОЛЖАЕМ РАССКАЗЫВАТЬ о достойных аккаунтах в соцсетях, через которые можно рассматривать целый мир.

Subway Book Review напоминает другой популярный инстаграм-аккаунт о Нью-Йорке — Humans of New York, — с той лишь разницей, что здесь герои снимков рассказывают о книгах, которые они читают. Его создательница Ули Бьюттер Коэн переехала в Нью-Йорк в 2013 году. Она обратила внимание на то, как много жители города читают в метро, и стала расспрашивать пассажиров об их книгах. «Чем больше отзывов я собирала, тем больше понимала, как события из жизни читателей и их собственная история влияют на выбор книги», — говорит она.

Бьюттер Коэн разговаривает с читателями разных возрастов, которые выбирают самые разные книги: в блоге можно увидеть рецензии на «I Love Dick» Крис Краус, новую пьесу о Гарри Поттере, сборник мифов Древней Греции, книгу Джоджо Мойес, детскую сказку о драконах, которые едят тако, и многое другое. Можно изучать аккаунт как галерею портретов, а можно выбирать с его помощью новые книги — как подскажет фантазия.

Michelle: "It's Monday and I'm not feeling that brave so I folded over the cover while reading on the train. This is a feminist novel comprised of a bunch of letters. A woman falls in love with this cowboy and starts to write him - his name is Dick. It's about much more than her eventually leaving her husband for Dick. It's about her finding her voice and being honest about her own life and what she wants. I'm a writer and am looking for that searing, honest voice by a contemporary female author. Sometimes a woman's voice gets clouded by too many identities we try to embody. This author understands that and accepts it, which is a great source of inspiration for me. Jill Soloway is adapting the book for a series. I'm excited to see what she does with it." @shinyshinysocks reading I Love Dick by Chris Kraus. #novel #memoir #feminist #monday #brave #jillsoloway #ilovebooks #manhattan #newyork #subwaybookreview

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Lou: "This is the story of several families who look perfect on the outside. They have money and good looks - yet there is something incomplete, unhappy and unsettling about them. They live on Martha's Vineyard, a picture perfect place, but their lives are filled with dread. There's a particular incident that changes them but I don't know exactly what that is yet. While reading, I've been on edge the entire time and am expecting something awful to surface. The author is my friend and she is very talented. I'm very impressed with this book." Reading: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. #repost #novel #summerreading #suspense #ya #family #marthasvineyard #elockhart #wewereliars #brooklyn #newyork #subwaybookreview

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Golnar: "This is an old exhibition catalog from the Freer & Sackler Gallery. I found it for $35 and was in awe because they're usually pretty expensive. I bought five of them right away - they make such pretty gifts. This was an exhibit about visual divinity. In the Iranian tradition, and in Turkey as well, you open the Koran or a book of poetry by Hafez to look into your future. You ask a specific question in your mind and the page you happen to open has a message that's mean to guide you. Every Iranian household has a book by Hafez. It's even more prominent than the Koran. Poetry is the backbone of our culture. I frequently consult Hafez. Right now it's sending really confusing messages. I think it's telling me to chill out." Reading: Falnama; The Book of Omens. @golnaradili #falnama #sacklergallery #dc #art #omen #gifts #hafez #iran #poetry #bookstagram #newyork #subwaybookreview

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Wolf: "The story that frames the short stories in this book is about a king whose wife cheats on him. He is so distraught by it that he kills her and then starts to marry women only to kill them the morning after their wedding before they can dishonor him. Eventually a woman named Scheherazade marries him and tries to stop his madness by telling him stories every night. Her stories are intriguing and open ended so he has to keep her alive. Scheherazade is very brave. To go on and confront someone like this king is a big challenge. This book is a bit like the Arabian version of Game of Thrones. The whole wife killing thing sounds like something Joffrey would have done." Reading: The Arabian Nights. @fulmoonpix #scheherazade #1001nights #kings #stories #gameofthrones #newyork #manhattan #subwaybookreview

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Larry: "The book is written by artist Marion Coutts and is her account of her husband dying from a brain tumor. It's very well written and somewhat depressing. We're getting her perspective on the prospect of not having the person she loves near anymore. To me, this book is about dealing with mortality and living life to the fullest. I've been into these death memoirs lately. I'm getting older I guess - the prospect of mortality is floating in my head. But really, not taking life for granted is what attracts me most to these stories. They're not about death. They're about life." Reading: The Iceberg by Marion Coutts. #memoir #love #death #livelifetothefullest #read #books #sbrnewyork #brooklyn #newyork #subwaybookreview

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Emma: "I decided to read Infinite Jest for the 20th anniversary of its publication - which is today! I feel like if you don’t give yourself a deadline you’re never going to read it. I also took a saw and cut the book in thirds – it was my friend’s idea and it’s a great one. It makes it less overwhelming. There are parts of the book where his brain is too intense, and then there are parts where I’m like: every human feels this way. I think David Foster Wallace was always trying to get to the bottom of why we are alive and what it means to be alive. I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace’s essays, collections, biography and his short stories. Not reading Infinite Jest was becoming like knowing someone as an acquaintance for 10 years and never going to their house for a cup of coffee." @emmmylee @marta_bh #happyanniversary #davidfosterwallace #infinitejest #novel #emmythegreat #subwaybookreview #sbrlondon #kingscross #london

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