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КрасотаНа кого подписаться: Активистка Шинейд Бёрк

На кого подписаться: Активистка Шинейд Бёрк — Красота на Wonderzine

Маленькая женщина, юристка, писательница и любительница моды

Продолжаем рассказывать о достойных аккаунтах в соцсетях, через которые можно рассматривать целый мир.

Имя британки Шинейд Бёрк в этом году было на слуху: возможно, вы видели её лекцию «Почему дизайн должен учитывать всех» на TED. Потом было сотрудничество с The Business of Fashion, потом — выступление на экономическом форуме в Давосе. Сама Бёрк — маленький человек, и её активизм основан на понимании проблемы изнутри. Писательница, юристка и преподавательница за последний год превратилась в защитницу прав людей с инвалидностью. Vogue UK включил её в список самых влиятельных женщин Великобритании, о ней пишет The Business of Fashion. Кроме того, Шинейд Бёрк действительно любит моду, и в её инстаграме можно не только регулярно узнавать о её активистской деятельности, но и следить за стильными аутфитами.

I’m very, very proud to be a new Contributing Editor to @britishvogue. Thank you so much to @edward_enninful for his extraordinary leadership and to @gileshattersley and @alcaselyhayford for taking a chance on me. My first piece (which is online now) is about my body, disability and our response to difference. . . “We are embarrassed by what we do not know, and we are often aggressive towards anyone who reminds us of our ignorance, or is different to us. Yet, from children’s innocent inquisitiveness we could learn to cultivate an empathy and respect for otherness.” . . [Image description: Sitting and wearing a rather fantastic @burberry blouse - it has a polka dot collar, pussy-bow and cuffs, whilst the remainder is vertical stripes, I’m posing with one hand on my hip and the other on my lap. I’m smiling and my bob is suspiciously like that of another Vogue team-member.... this photo was taken at @scaddotedu.]

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OH MY GOODNESS. I had the great privilege and pleasure of speaking with Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex this evening about the importance and power of fashion and the opportunities we’ve both been afforded by @OneYoungWorld. . . A particular honour to be in this moment wearing custom @richardmalone - an extraordinary Irish designer, based in London who believes ‘clothes should fit women, women shouldn’t be made to fit clothes.’ . . An honour to meet HRH. Thank you to the British Embassy in Dublin. . . [Image description: Standing in the grounds of the residence of the British Ambassador with HRH The Duchess of Sussex. She’s kindly balancing on her knees to speak with me and I’m gesturing wildly - with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.] #RoyalVisitIreland 📷 @kensingtonroyal

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The Serpentine Gallery’s Summer Party was rather extraordinary. Thank you, @yanapeel for the invitation - this year’s Pavilion by Frida Escobar is incredibly mesmerising. . . I have been an admirer of Christopher Kane for as long as I can remember. His beautiful creations arm women with confidence and each piece is crafted with such care and thought. It was an honour to wear custom @christopherkane last night - an exceptional dress, bag and earrings from the Spring Summer 2018 collection. Thank you, @kanechristopher82 and your wonderful team - Jasmine, Phoebe and Jenny. . . Thank you, @tcs_daniel and @thecommsstore for everything. . [Image description: In the grounds of @serpentineuk, standing in a delicate mint green with floral detail transparent full-length dress. It has a nipped-in waist and is embellished with @swarovski crystals. I’m also holding the most sensational yellow mini bag.] 📷 @darren_gerrish

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The Age of Influence: In @imranamed’s speech at last night’s launch, he defined @bof’s approach to this issue as two-fold - that influence can be measured in social media followers and voluminous sale of products, but also in less tangible ways too. Influence can also be defined as shaping social consciousness and deconstructing the status quo. I’m so very proud to be on the cover of the print issue of @bof and spending last night speaking with and in the company of my other cover star, @kimkardashian, was a moment that I won’t forget anytime soon. Thank you @imranamed and the @bof team. Your influence has shaped and transformed me. . 💇🏻‍♀️ by the extraordinary @helenreavey. 🧥 by @burberry . [Image description: Sitting on a sofa, @lala, me, @kimkardashian and @imranamed are your 2018 Christmas card.]

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Fashion Must Include Everyone: Thank you Tim Walker for translating my ambition and vision into this extraordinary image, to @imranamed and @BoF for shaping and amplifying this movement, to @timblanks for his visit to Dublin and his excellent, curious questions and to @Burberry for their collaboration in the reassembly of the system of fashion. I am honoured to be on the cover of #BoF's Age of Influence print issue. You can purchase the print issue and read Tim's full interview on 📷: Tim Walker 🧥: @nikhilmansata 💄: @lucyjbridge 💇🏻‍♀️: @shonju . [Image description: Staring down the lens of the camera, I am holding a scissors and wearing a @Burberry trench coat that has been deconstructed and lacerated into pieces to fit. I'm also wearing laced Adidas Stan Smiths runners, blue eyeshadow and slicked back retro hair. The coverline reads In The Age of Influence: @TheSineadBurke.] #FashionMustIncludeEveryone

Публикация от Sinéad Burke (@thesineadburke)


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